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Resin Leaf Pendant

Resin Leaf Pendant


Part of my Master's Thesis which investigated the Fibonacci Sequence and the mathematical process involved in the growing of plants.

Each pendant is made by hand in sterling silver and poured epoxy resin.

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This sterling silver and resin pendant is a component of an installation entitled “Abscission of Fibonacci Growth”.  This installation is a piece that addresses concepts of the Fibonacci series of numbers, the golden angle, and the increasing and decreasing portions of the year’s cycle of growth.  Each pendant is a piece of the installation that can be personalized and worn as jewelry, and this connects the wearer with the cycle of growth.  

Each pendant is signed and dated and contains a number that is relevant to the installation. Pendants are hand fabricated from sterling silver and feature transparent resin that is pigmented in shades ranging from purple to red to orange to yellow. Each pendant is individually crafted and no two are exactly alike.  Each pendant is an experimentation with resins of different colors, viscosities, and transparencies: resulting in various air bubbles and other elements encased in the resin that contribute to the intricacies of each design.  

Pendants measure approximately 1.5 inches x 3 inches and make a bold striking statement when worn with casual or elegant attire.