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Minimalist Mala

Minimalist Mala


108 hand knotted sea glass beads adorned with a single glass leaf.  Cleansed with sage and created with mindful intentions.

Materials: 8mm sea glass beads and silk/nylon cord

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I originally made these for myself to inspire a daily meditation practice. Mostly because I'm not crazy about tassels- it's really difficult to find mala beads without tassels.  I wanted something simple and minimal.

I also wanted beads with texture, something to appeal to my sense of touch while meditating with my eyes closed.  I often listen to running water while meditating, so scratchy sea glass was a perfect choice.

I tied each knot with good intentions.  I used them to meditate, and while doing so I discovered the universe wanted me to give them to someone who needed them.  Giving away something you love means getting back so much more.  I gave them to my friend Sabrina for her birthday, who coincidentally(?) was about to embark on a 30 day meditation challenge.

She loved them and felt calm while using them. I was greatly rewarded with the abundant feelings that come with giving.  I was inspired to make more, hoping you'd love them too.  I hope you will wear them and use them daily and look forward to your practice with them.  Above all, I hope you'll gift them to someone special who needs more meditation in their life.  Pass it on. 

Great things happen when we look inside ourselves.  Follow your inner voice.  xoxo